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What is Risk Culture Building? Definition of Risk Culture Building: The training of mind, of heart and of personal character to respond effectively to any situation of risk and take the right decision to mitigate, control or optimise risk to the advantage of the organisation Risk Culture Building Vision: To transform risk management by everybody doing something to mitigate, control and optimise every situation of risk, every day; at home and at work Risk Culture Building Mission: To communicate life-changing messages to people to transform risk management and to build sustainable competitive advantage for business by optimising risk response
Name Horst Simon
Current Position
Company Name Horwath MAK, member of Crowe Horwath International
Sector Consultancy
Age 51
Academic Background Excellent executive operations and risk management skills acquired in a number of highly focused executive and senior management positions in industry leading international banks, a global consultancy firm and a leading BPO Services Company.. 30 years of continuous career growth and development through increased responsibilities, pioneering new concepts and ideas, living in four different countries and working in more than 20.

Dedicated Organisational management and risk culture strategist. People risk mitigation expert who is passionate about organizational capacity building and development of talent. Global personal contact network of banking and risk management professionals and excellent working relationships with international regulatory bodies and NGOs. Regular speaker at International Conferences and trainer in Operational Risk and Enterprise Risk Management Culture in the Middle East and Africa.

Biography Horst is the Director- Risk Management at Horwath MAK Risk Management Consulting, based in the Dubai International Financial Centre. Horst worked with a number of renowned Global firms in Professional services, Training and Business Process Outsourcing. He has been in the banking and consulting industries for over 30 years and he recently developed and launched an on-line assessment tool that accurately measures the level of maturity of an organisation’s risk culture. Supported by the UK-based consultancy, Genius Methods, the Risk Culture Maturity Monitor is set to revolutionise the monitoring of risk management implementation processes in all industries and even improve Central Bank Supervision activities.

As Head of Risk Technology in Mashreq Bank, Horst pioneered the concept of Risk Technology Management; defined as the collaboration of Processing Systems, Workflow Management Systems, Risk Management Systems and the required interfaces between these and the related business processes to achieve active risk management capability, support good risk governance and ensure sustainable competitive advantage. Horst held previous positions with Emirates NBD, Barclays Bank plc and with the Standard Bank Group of South-Africa Ltd. He lived in four countries and worked in more than twenty.

His special interest is in the field of People Risk and he has delivered presentations at international conferences on the Mitigation of People Risk and other risk management topics. He has also facilitated Operational Risk Management training workshops for banks and banking Supervisors in Africa, Pakistan and the Middle-East. Horst actively supports the capacity building program of the Macroeconomic and Financial Management Institute of Eastern and Southern Africa (MEFMI) and he is the Co-Regional Director of the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), Dubai, UAE Chapter and a member of the Professional Risk Managers‘ International Association (PRMIA).
Horst Simon
About Me
The Real Future of Work is like a Shopping Mall
Posted: 05-Aug-2014

The Real Future of Work is like a Shopping Mall

In an earlier writing I talked about how the days are gone when employees were looking for bosses and long term employment relationships and how prospective employees are looking for customers; and they favor the ones paying the highest price in relation to their perceived total personal value. “In this global war for talent, people have taken charge of their own careers and they manage their careers the way they want, focused on achieving their personal goals. Sort of their own brand managers, after all, Human Resource Directors failed for over fifty years to get to understand the top of Maslow’s pyramid—for all people, it is all about themselves!”

I also touched on how a large number of people will work from their homes and how converted garages will become home-offices and perhaps the layout of the family home of the future will be much different to what we have today.  I also talked about how 24/7/365 broadband connections that will run trillions of megabytes of data all through our quiet and peaceful neighborhoods. “Mothers and Fathers will again have time to play with their children and not just exist to “keep up” with the Jones’ next door” (You can read all about that here: https://www.scribd.com/doc/58020437/An-Outlook-on-Work-People-Risk )    

More recently, on this blog; I wrote about how Chief Executives must prepare their businesses for the Cyber Generation MMORPG- warriors and how they will not apply for jobs and will not become “slaves to your payroll”

These warriors are up-to-date with the latest developments in their field as they live in the real world and in the cyber world at the same time and they have a large network of connections, friends, advisors and partners in both. If you still want to do background checks and verify qualifications with an attitude of paying for “qualifications & experience” instead of “application, execution and value-added”; they will simply pass you by and move to the next opportunity--- which they would have already lined-up in their personal marketing strategy.

“People are now increasingly being found for jobs, versus having to find their next job,” Jon Bischke said 4 days ago in an article on Quartz and in the same article Jeff Zinser is quoted to have said:  “To a good recruiter there is no difference between passive and active candidates" ( qz.com/242663/a-new-tool-tells-companies-when-theyre-about-to-lose-their-best-people/ )

Back to the mall idea…

So, the future of work is like owning a shopping mall, you are the manager and marketer of Your Own Brand. You will have one, preferably two anchor tenants; the ones who pay the bills, and then you will be in the open market for the rest. You’ll be opening and closing the outlets as the market rolls on; to those who need a coffee shop, you will give a coffee shop and to those who need a bank, you will give a bank, or at least be able to find a bank in your network and collect some commission during the referral and introduction process. Sometimes you will close some areas for renovations and improvements.

People will focus on their key skills and develop an income stream for a steady income by applying those key skills in the businesses of their “anchor tenants” adding value and building sustainable competitive advantage as without that, your mall will close down and go to the corporate grave-yard.

The rest of your time you will spend on helping other smaller outlets to do business, riding the ebb-and-flow of the market to make sure your mall stays in business.

So, if your shopping mall has some really good anchor tenants and an attractive, well-kept building in the right business neighborhood and you have a good marketing strategy; the smaller outlets will queue up at your door for space in your mall.

Keep in mind that building a mall is very hard work, it will require some capital and good risk management skills as it is very different from “just renting a shop”

"The butterfly can just look back, Flap those wings and say, oh, yeah; I never have to be a worm again" Sara Groves, Like a Skin (Listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84w8W4E9G2U )

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